Chronicle of a Summer Chronicle of a Summer

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The first film of cinéma vérité

Paris, summer of 1960. Anthropologist and filmmaker Jean Rouch, along with sociologist and film critic Edgar Morin, both assisted by Marceline and Nadine, roam the crowded streets asking ordinary people how they deal with the misfortunes of life. Are you happy? But their real purpose is to find out if people can speak sincerely in front of a camera and how they react when they are later invited to analyze the meaning of their answers.




Alternative Titles

Ranskalainen päiväkirja, Το Χρονικό ενός Καλοκαιριού: Παρίσι 1960, Egy nyár krónikája, En sommerkrønike, Kronika jednego lata, Хроника одного лета, Den sommaren

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