Cigarette Burns Cigarette Burns

With a torrid past that haunts him, a movie theatre owner is hired to search for the only existing print of a film so notorious that its single screening caused the viewers to become homicidally insane.

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Long, Weird List of Movies

Step One: Go to Step Two: Pick a Number. Step Three: GET WEIRD!* *Nobody cares if you don't think…

  • Suspiria
  • The Thing
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Top 100 Horror

I've always tried to unpack why horror appeals to me and why I like to tread closely to the edge…

  • Assault on Precinct 13
  • Ghosts of Mars
  • The Thing
  • Escape from L.A.
  • Escape from New York

John Carpenter Ranked

Bryce Reimann

Bryce Reimann 15 films

Still a few blind spots to fill.