• surcarilita


    isabelle huppert!


  • Ed Scheid


    This "Comedy" is a continuation of Ruiz's interest in identity and the past. Around his 9th birthday a boy tells his mother Ariane (Isabelle Huppert) that he is really the son of Isabella (Jeanne Balibar) whose son drowned 2 years ago. Ruiz maintains a sense of mystery with some intriguing twists. The film is very well acted, particularly by Huppert as a woman whose life is falling apart and determined to find the truth. Balibar as the "new mother" gives her character a calm assurance.


  • Brad Roelandt

    This is why I really hate psychoanalysis.

    This feels like it was made by an art-robot.


  • VNPryor


    I don't know... it's a clever idea, with many clever touches, and the leading ladies are both good as ever, but something about this movie just left me cold. Actually, I think it was literally everything else...