Dangerous Business Dangerous Business

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A 1920 film directed by Roy William Neill.

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Written by Women


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This list is for scripts or source material written or co-written by women. Recs welcome!

Of interest: letterboxd.com/film/without-lying-down-frances-marion-and-the-power-of-women-in-hollywood/


  • Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
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  • Judith of Bethulia

All Silent Films from Silent Stars

Abi Lendrum

Abi Lendrum 533 films

Missing on Letterboxd: Venus of Venice (1927) dir. Marshall Neilan Mile-A-Minute Kendall (1918) dir. William Desmond Taylor When the Fire-Bells…

  • The ABC of Love
  • Across the Border
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Insignificant But Nonetheless Necessary For Completists' Sake: 'Miscellaneous Silents' listed in 'The Motion Picture Guide' (Robert B. Connelly, Cinebooks, Inc.; 1910-1936; 1986)--Part I

This section, from Pages 317-439 of Volume X, 'Silent Film 1910-1936' lists ALL feature-length (at least 4 reels, approximately 50-minutes)…