Downhill Downhill

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A College Hero round whom is woven a picture of Love and Treachery.

Roddy, first son of the rich Berwick family, is expelled from school when he takes the blame for his friend Tim's charge. His family sends him away and all of his friends leave him alone. Roddy decides to go to Paris where he spends what little money he has and starts working as a dancer. He soon becomes a victim of alcoholism. Roddy manages to move to England's colonies but some sailors send him back to his rich family hoping for a reward.





Alternative Titles

Decadencia, Надолу, Decadência, Na sikmé plose, Abwärts, Declive, Alamäkeen, C'est la vie..., Il declino, Na równi pochyłej, По наклонной плоскости, По схилу, When Boys Leave Home

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