Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn

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For years, the land of Altera has observed an uneasy peace between the humans, the elves, and the beasts who are loyal to the legendary Black Dragon. But when the dragon wakes from its hibernation, mobilizing a force of beasts to make war, a small band of humans and elves unite in a search for the secret road to the dragon’s lair.






Alternative Titles

Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon, Гнездо Дракона: Восстание Черного Дракона, Dragon Nest - Le réveil du dragon, Ninho do Dragão: Alvorada do Guerreiro, Ejder Yuvası: Savaşçı'nın Şafağı, Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn, 드래곤 네스트-평화 기사단 VS 블랙 드래곤, Dragon Nest - Guerrero del amanecer