Dreams Rewired Dreams Rewired

A genealogy of connection.

Tracing anxieties about technology back to the 1880s, DREAMS REWIRED combines clips from nearly 200 films and newsreels with an insightful commentary by Tilda Swinton on our eternal love/hate relationship with a hyper-mediated world.

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Film History Documentaries

Dawn Fratini

Dawn Fratini 182 films

Documentaries on eras, people, and movements in cinema history (sans porn).

I included films about specific filmmakers but omitted those…

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Raising Consciousness: Documentaries About Cybernetics

Mike Sean

Mike Sean 34 films

Documentary titles that explore the moral complications of applied technology. Topics include robotics, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, and the technologcal singlularity.…

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  • Goodnight Mommy
  • Beeba Boys
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This list aims at being comprehensive. If something is missing (and you've checked every page!), post it in the comments.…