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  • k c


    the cars were not as cute as the others in the previous movies.

  • Michael Cresci


    It's fun to have the core dynamic back, but this is a little bit in no man's land. Not quite enough as a cop movie or racing movie and it rips off a lot of the villain/plot from the superior 2 Fast 2 Furious.

  • hiba <3


    happy that brian and dom resolved their relationship issues

  • Thummmerer_Mark


    A couple of opening sequences are evidence of this: the opening heist-on-a-fuel-tanker scene is an example of everything that's wrong with this type of movie. It's cheesy, completely over the top, reliant on dodgy CGI effects for impact and lacking the high-octane realism. The subsequent foot chase scene, though which reintroduces Paul Walker's character is actually fairly decent, adding a bit of free-running to the mix.

  • lacylynn


    I have never been so thrilled to see Vin Diesel.

  • Rapha Fucciolo


    This is the movie that really started this franchise. Is it the best? No, not even close. But boy, this shit is fun.

  • Andrew Wagner


    So forgettable I literally realized 45 mins in that I already seen this entire movie

  • lily



    straight men hype this series up too much

  • TheMandoReview


    It’s good

  • Ben Janzen


    Fast & Furious is a big step up in quality from the previous entries from a filmmaking perspective. Justin Lin brings a fresh approach to the direction and visuals that impressed me. That being said, I found the story here to be quite basic and forgettable this time around and I didn't think that the racing sequences were helmed very well.

  • Evan

    Probably my favourite so far. Really nice to have the gang back together

  • iris


    como eu posso gostar de tanta mentirada?