Barbie as the Island Princess Barbie as the Island Princess

Barbie plays Rosella in this new musical film. Shipwrecked as a child, Rosella grows up on the island under the watchful eyes of her loving animal friends. The arrival of Prince Antonio leads Rosella and her furry pals to explore civilization and ultimately save the kingdom by uncovering a secret plot.




Alternative Titles

Barbie - Als De Eiland Prinses, Barbie som Öprinsessan, Barbie : Princesse de l'île merveilleuse, Barbie - Princesse de l île merveilleuse, Barbie Som Prinsessen På Øen, Barbie Øyprinsessen, Barbie Princesse de l'Ile Merveilleuse, Barbie Princesse de l Ile Merveilleuse, Barbie 10, Barbie Eläinsaaren prinsessana, Barbie jako Księżniczka Wyspy, Barbie jako Ksiezniczka Wyspy, 11. Барби в роли Принцессы Острова, Barbie En La Princesa De Los Animales, Barbie - Princesa de la isla, Barbie como Princesa de la isla

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