Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

A film where anything can happen - the hero and the heroine changes their faces, age, look, names, and so on. The only same thing: The love between man and woman... in an archetypical love story cut from 500 classics from all around the world.

Isabelle Adjani Agustín Almodóvar Julie Andrews Fanny Ardant Rosanna Arquette Javier Bardem Kim Basinger Marlon Brando Nicolas Cage Àlex Casanovas Jackie Chan Charlie Chaplin Cher Julie Christie Glenn Close Sean Connery Daniel Craig Tom Cruise Penélope Cruz Jamie Lee Curtis John Cusack Matt Damon Geena Davis Maria de Medeiros Robert De Niro James Dean Alain Delon Catherine Deneuve Gérard Depardieu Show All…

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