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John Ford's Masterpiece of the Frontier!

In John Ford's sombre exploration the mythology of American heroes, he slowly reveals the character of Owen Thursday, who sees his new posting to the desolate Fort Apache as a chance to claim the military honour which he believes is rightfully his. Arrogant, obsessed with military form and ultimately self-destructive, Thursday attempts to destroy the Apache chief Cochise after luring him across the border from Mexico, against the advice of his subordinates.





Alternative Titles

Sangre de héroes, Bis zum letzten Mann, Форт Апачи, Forte Apache, Sangue de Herói, Sangue de Heróis, Apashilinnake, Le massacre de Fort Apache, To ohyro amynetai, Apacserőd, Il massacro di Fort Apache, 아파치요새, Fortul Apache, Heroji Fort Apaca, Indianöverfallet vid Fort Apache, Kan kalesi

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