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In a city where dangerous monsters emerge from underground every night, a monster-fighting patrol team is tasked with finding and exterminating them before they can kill the city’s inhabitants.

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My Most to Least Anticipated Movies of 2018

Brent May

Brent May 498 films

An ongoing list of my Most to Least Anticipated 2018 movies

  • Eighth Grade
  • Wildlife
  • Annihilation
  • Wolfwalkers
  • Assassination Nation

2018 watchlist

originality shall reign supreme

  • #211
  • #Slaughterhouse
  • 10/31
  • 100 Days of Death

Can't Wait! ..Bring em on! (Must see)

Craig Holmes

Craig Holmes 669 films

A list of movies due to be released in the near future and others that are not going to be…