Frisco Kid Frisco Kid

He's the Two-Fisted Hero of the Square Mile of Hell the Devil Himself disowned!

After a roustabout sailer avoids being shanghaied in 1852 San Francisco, his audacity helps him to arise to a position of power in the vice industry of the infamous Barbary Coast.

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The films of James Cagney


loureviews 63 films

Surprisingly, I have 29 films still to see of this versatile little song and dance man turned tough guy.

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'Good films': Three-star (out of five) film ratings by 'The Motion Picture Guide' (Jay Robert Nash and Stanley Ralph Ross, Cinebooks, Inc.; 1927-1983)--Part I

As I've become more enthralled by cinema over the years, I have cherished reading all I possibly could about my…

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Bob's Short Attention Span Theater

Bob Hovey

Bob Hovey 1,426 films

Total Run Time of less than 90 minutes. Have I seen them all? Yes, but that doesn't mean I'll vouch…