Ghosts of Mars

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Terror is the same on any planet.

Melanie Ballard is a hard nosed police chief in the year 2025. She and a police snatch squad are sent to Mars to apprehend dangerous criminal James Williams. Mars has been occupied by humans for some time and they have set up mining facilities. The mining activities on Mars have unleashed the spirits of alien beings who gradually possess the bodies of the workers. It soon turns out that catching the dangerous fugitive takes a back seat as the alien spirits begin to rid their planet of the 'invaders'.





Alternative Titles

John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars, Fantasmas de Marte, Fantasmas de Marte de John Carpenter, Призраци от Марс, Fantasmes de Mart, Duchové Marsu, Fantômes sur Mars, רוחות מארס, A Mars szelleme, Fantasmi da Marte, ゴースト・オブ・マーズ, 화성의 유령들, Duchy Marsa, Fantasmas de Marte, de John Carpenter, Fantomele de pe Marte, Призраки Марса, Duchovia Marsu, Ghosts Of Mars, Mars'taki Hayaletler, Привиди Марса, Bóng Ma Trên Sao Hỏa, 火星幽灵