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  • Wade


    Chattanooga Film Fest 2021
    “Infinity Cool”

  • Caroline Rose

    Her jumpsuit is everything. I want a series of this.

  • andrew


    Panic Fest 2021 Short Film #21

    Gaslight. Gatekeep. Girlboss.

    It's not often you get a short film that features sounding.

  • Terry


    This one had a really strange style. It grew on me towards the end though. The main actress does a really awesome job in this. This is another of my favorites from the fest so far.

  • Adam Hursey

    Panic Fest 2021

    Film #5

    If we are going to go back to torture porn as the primary horror sub-genre, sign me out.

    Seems like the result of a couple not wanting to make a decision about dinner.

    This type of film is just not for me, but it looks like it might have its fans.

  • Sarah Stubbs


    I didn't know what to expect going into this one and honestly didn't know if it would be my thing. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the mixture of humor, social commentary, and violence.

  • Brahski


    it would be an honor to be the malewife of such an impressive girlboss

  • brianhaasphx


    Panic Fest 2021

  • Ksmith5500


    I wanted more documentary stuff but also this is definitely what I’d be as an assassin minus the staple gun because those freak me out haha

  • Graham

    Panic Fest

  • Andy Gyurisin


    It always helps to bring some visual aids.

  • Jasper de Bruin


    NYCHFF 2020