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  • Patrik Taylor


    'Green Cobra (2020)' is a short film that mixes traditional and mockumentary styles, focusing on a special type of assassin who specialises in torturing her victims to death. Bathed in a sickly green hue, the assassin sadistically inflicts pain on a gagged and bound victim while also conducting an interview for a documentary about the place where she learnt her wince-inducing techniques. The two aspects don't gel together all that well, as one is decidedly dark and the other is…

  • Adam


    white women aggression: torture edition

  • TiffanyClark


    Chattanooga Film Festival 2021

  • Chadman

    I'm making an exception to write reviews for these shorts watched at Chattanooga Film Fest. Still, they are likely to just be short thoughts.

    Green Cobra is one of the better shorts. The script is tight and the lead (not credited on lbx) is engaging. It makes great use of its runtime.

    Unrelated to the movie... if you meet someone who idolizes her (or Amy Dunne) run the other way from that fincel.

  • diannank


    CFF SALUTES YOUR SHORTS / Chattanooga Film Festival 2021

  • Tyler Clark


    Chattanooga Film Fest 2021

  • Christy Turnipseed


    Chattanooga Film Festival 2021 - #27

  • Shane Hunziker


    An amusing short film with a mob fixer (I guess that's the right term) being interviewed as she's torturing a guy who slept with the mob boss' bride. Some witty dialog and excellent camera work.

  • Nick


    The "Stuck in the Middle" scene in Reservoir Dogs, but funnier? Man Bites Dog, but shorter? I dunno. Hits a lot of fun points, while also being unnerving.

  • Wade Brown


    Chattanooga Film Fest 2021
    “Infinity Cool”

  • Caroline Rose

    Her jumpsuit is everything. I want a series of this.

  • andrew 🦇


    Panic Fest 2021 Short Film #21

    Gaslight. Gatekeep. Girlboss.

    It's not often you get a short film that features sounding.