Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

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Blood is thicker than Water.

Two decades after surviving a massacre on October 31, 1978, former baby sitter Laurie Strode finds herself hunted by persistent knife-wielder Michael Myers. Laurie now lives in Northern California under an assumed name, where she works as the headmistress of a private school. But it's not far enough to escape Myers, who soon discovers her whereabouts. As Halloween descends upon Laurie's peaceful community, a feeling of dread weighs upon her -- with good reason.





Alternative Titles

Halloween VII - H20, Halloween:H20:Vingt ans plus tard, H20抓鬼节, 月光光心慌慌7, 月光光心慌慌终极篇, Maskernes Nat 7, Halloween H20 20 años despues, Haloween 7, H20 - Halloween 20 évvel később, Halloween 7 - H20, Halloween: 20 Años Después (H20), Halloween 7 Veinte Años Despues, Halloween 07 Halloween H20 20 Years Later, Halloween 7: The Revenge of Laurie Strode, Halloween H20 20 Years Later, Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, Halloween: H20

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