Hannibal Rising

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It started with revenge.

The story of the early, murderous roots of the cannibalistic killer, Hannibal Lecter – from his hard-scrabble Lithuanian childhood, where he witnesses the repulsive lengths to which hungry soldiers will go to satiate themselves, through his sojourn in France, where as a med student he hones his appetite for the kill.




Alternative Titles

Hannibal: El Comienzo, Hannibal Rising - UR, Hannibal Rising - Wie alles begann, Gannibal Voshozhdenie, Сходження Ганнібала, Ганнібал: Сходження, Hannibal 4, Hannibal Lecter - Les origines du mal, 05 - Hannibal Lecter les origines du mal, Hannibal Rising - Ondskan vaknar

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