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  • Fabian Lundgren


    A masterpiece of the samurai genre, Harakiri is a hard-hitting commentary on government transparency and the politics of its day. The film is brilliantly acted, beautifully shot, and masterfully scored. Stop reading reviews and go watch it... NOW!

  • KyoumaZ


    Ein filmtechnisch perfekter, gewichtiger Epos im Kleinformat.

  • Gage Conat



  • valentine wilson

    i need to rewatch this when i’m sober because i can barely get through a movie high but it’s even harder when it’s not in english.



    Harakiri is a real Samurai masterpiece. 

    This movie conveys an important and inspiring lesson of honor, respect, betrayal and morals. It also shows the life of ronins during the Tokugawa era and how it felt to leave behind the Samurai life. 

    Harakiri is quite beautiful visually, with traditional Japanese architecture and at one point a swaying bamboo forest framed beautifully by director Masaki Kobayashi. On top that, Kobayashi knows how to build suspense. 

    This is a movie that will stick with you long after the initial viewing. Very highly recommended!

  • Benjamin


    I still consider this to be one of the best films ever made after a second viewing. Superbly directed by Masaki Kobayashi, masterful performance from Tatsuya Nakadai, stunning cinematography from Yoshio Miyajima, and an affecting score composed by Toru Takemitsu – all some of the best at what they did. Every film element works together and enhances a powerfully told story centered around confronting and exposing corrupt leadership in Harakiri.

    Humans, despite their intelligence and incredible feats of innovation, have…

  • João Gilberto Oliveira


    DAY 10: Watch a samurai movie.

    Harakiri tells the story about Hanshiro Tsugumo who is an old samurai and ex eployee of an old clan in Hiroshima. He arrives at another clan's house and asks to perform seppuku (which is a kind of suicide ritual) inside the property. The master of the clan accepts the unknown samurai's proposition, but before doing what he went there to do Tsugumo must tell his story.


  • marina

    entirely captivating, truly an excellent film

  • Estebe Finn


    Me ha gustado más de lo que esperaba porque pensaba que me iba a aburrir. He visto que su influencia ha sido bastante importante en muchas películas occidentales, sobre todo en lo que respecta a la forma. En cuanto a la narrativa, a veces me ha dado la impresión de que estaba viendo un western de la misma época.

  • Sai A


    It's a wonderful experience happen to me after viewing this film, visually storytelling , screenplay, direction, everything amazing, it's a 1962's Masako Kobayashi's masterpiece.

  • tlgcaldeira


    Samurai era Japan is, without a doubt, my favourite historical time in movies. The way the samurai fought, behaved and lived was truly the stuff of legend. It’s portray in cinema, is, sometimes, a bit lacking. But I can now put Kobayashi in Kurosawa’s bag in regards of brilliant samurai movies. The brilliance of the story and the impact that harakiri (the ritual) had in the lives of samurai Is masterfully shown throughout this movie. You can really understand what it meant for a samurai to offer is life willingly. A true piece of art.

  • Zegan


    I feel pity for you, if you haven't seen this god tier masterpiece