Heimat: A Chronicle of Germany Heimat: A Chronicle of Germany

This epic tale of a family and their rural life in a small German village is told against the changing backdrop of a country's turbulent history from 1919 to 1982. From the aftermath of the First World War, economic hardship, the rise and fall of Nazism, the Second World War and the decades that followed, life in the village goes on and the values and aspirations of the people at its heart are wonderfully brought to life in this gripping saga of an ordinary family living through extraordinary times.

Marita Breuer Gertrud Bredel Willi Burger Michael Lesch Rüdiger Weigang Karin Kienzler Johannes Lobewein Kurt Wagner Marliese Assmann Eva Maria Schneider Wolfram Wagner Alexander Scholz Arno Lang Otto Henn Manfred Kuhn Juliane Damm Doris Gistke Werner Klockner Hans Koppenhöfer Günther Külzer Stefan Kuhn Reinhard Mosmann Josef Peil Otto Prochnow Gertrud Scherer Elfriede Scholz Margarethe Walter Karin Rasenack Helga Bender Show All…




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