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Basically, 'Herakles' is an omnium-gatherum of film clips depicting images of machismo. Some of those images are explicitly macho: we see various body-builders flexing their biceps and triceps. Other images seen here are not macho in the literal sense, but are indirectly related to testosterone or cojones on some level: we see military aircraft making bombing raids, and footage of car crashes.

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"A cultura é um pesadelo do qual estamos tentando acordar"


timeistheking 300 films

(com a colaboração do Lucas Baptista)

Esta lista poderia ter como subtítulo "uma história do século XX". Mesmo os 17…

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A Short History of Film


Bumstead 2,081 films

Films mentioned in the second edition (2013) of "A Short History of Film" by Wheeler Winston Dixon and Gwendolyn Audrey…