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"Here is a family of average French people in front of their television. Elsewhere, they are Palestinian fighters filmed before the massacres of Black September." (JLG, 1976). "We came here to study this: to learn, to learn lessons, if possible to record these lessons, to then broadcast them here, or elsewhere in the world. Almost a year ago, two of us came to investigate the Democratic Front. Then another went to Fath. We read the texts and programs. As French Maoists, we decided to make the film with Fath whose title is Until Victory. We let the Palestinians , during the film, themselves say the word: "Revolution". But the true title of the film is Methods of Thought and Work of the Palestinian Liberation Movement." (JLG, Manifesto, July 1970)



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Hier und anderswo, ヒア & ゼア こことよそ, 여기 그리고 다른 곳, Aqui e em Qualquer Lugar, 此处与彼处


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15 Sep 1976
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15 Sep 1976
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