Here Comes Carter Here Comes Carter

A radio commentator avenges an old wrong by blowing the whistle on Hollywood scandals

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The films of Glenda Farrell


loureviews 71 films


Credited roles only. So far I have seen 39% of this list.

Not in LB: You Live and Learn…

  • Funny Girl
  • Hello, Dolly!
  • Gone with the Wind
  • Some Like It Hot
  • For Me and My Gal

Classic Films I Have on DVD


Shea 165 films

Had the idea to make a list of what I have on DVD. Not the biggest collection, but I'm still…

  • Pump Up the Volume
  • Talk Radio
  • FM
  • Scarewaves
  • Zoo Radio

You're On the Air!

Films about/featuring radio talk shows, call in shows, radio stations, radio djs*. If you have any suggestions let me know!…