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This holiday expect the unexpected

It's the night before Hogswatch, usually a time of joy on Discworld, but there are suspicious going-on and the criminal underworld is abuzz. The beloved Hogfather - the jolly bearer of glee and pork-related gifts for children everywhere - has vanished. Suddenly, Discworld's entire mythical system is under threat. The fate of this magical time rests in the hands of a very motley group: A band of wizards headed up by a mystical university president named Mustrum Ridcully (Joss Ackland), a loyal manservant called Albert (David Jason), a level-headed governess called Susan Sto Heilt (Michelle Dockery), and her grandfather, who happens to be - Death (Marnix van den Broeke).





Alternative Titles

Terry Pratchett's The Hogfather, Hogfather - Schaurige Weihnachten, Terry Pratchett's Hogfather, Санта - Хрякус: Страшдественская сказка, Les Contes du disque monde : le père porcher, Terry Pratchetts Hogfather, 碟形世界:圣猪老爹, Terry Pratchett - Hogfather, Wiedźmikołaj