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A deformed hunchback kidnaps a bride on the day of her marriage and holds her hostage while his connection to her and his targets is revealed in a series of flashbacks that unfold as he starts seeking revenge.

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Tim Curry

Tim Curry 108 films

I wasted way too much time on this

  • Devdas
  • Miss Frontier Mail
  • Women
  • Shejari
  • Roti

indian cinema(s), ongoing


nrh 891 films

concentrated effort started around early 2015, when i realized i'd only seen a small range of forum favorites. not being…

  • The Consequences of Feminism
  • A Busy Day
  • The Masquerader
  • A Woman
  • I Don't Want to Be a Man

Comprehensive list of trans, non-binary, drag and gender-bending


Electra 548 films

From the worst to the best and everything in between. Have added notes describing how the film qualifies for this…