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  • patronsaint_


    devo my love!

  • duds


    eu genuinamente gostei desse filme, achei uma comédia clássica e gostosinha de assistir.

  • ri


    rosalie did nothing wrong cheaters must die

  • Gem ✨


    Came to the realization watching this that Keanu’s character was just how Johnny Silverhand would have been younger and as a stoner 🤣

    Additionally it’s also Ted if he didn’t have Bill 😭😭😭

    Loved seeing River and Keanu together. Bbs ❤️

  • IzzyC00


    Acting: 4.5/5
    Direction: 3/5
    Story/Plot: 3.5/5
    Pacing: 3.5/5
    Overall: 3.5/5
    Would I watch it again? Yeh!

  • bloodbubb1e


    "So, it’s generally not considered a good idea to take a taxi to the scene of a crime."

    I LOVE YOU TO DEATH is a pretty decent broad, black comedy. It’s wacky and most of the jokes land pretty well. The stoned, dumb hitmen duo played by William Hurt and Keanu Reeves were hysterical!

    Worth a watch just for Keanu’s wild hairdo.

  • sel


    i would die for devo

  • Walter Friendly


    Danny DeVito would have crushed this script. I dunno, just being off by a few degrees can miss the whole board. Make a thing totally flat.

  • Colin Taylor


    Really broad but played pretty mid tempo. It connects a few times but mostly it’s inches away from being funny.

  • scarlett


    druggie bald patch nose ring keanu reeves u will always be iconic 🗣️

  • ingrid ☆


    don’t think of them as drug addicts; think of them as killers! 

    rivybodivy and keanyswosarly CARRIEDDDD but keanu lacked 💔💔 
    up to funness and freshness!

    • • •
    RIVER BEING A MAN HATERRRRR we love to see it he is literally me

  • gail


    witchy, feminist devo is my “literally me” character.