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A motion picture of the extra senses.

Cathryn is suffering from schizophrenia and is haunted by hallucinations of apparitions. Her husband has his mind on other things, while her mental state is deteriorating. She is unable to define whether the people around her, like visitors to their house, are real or imaginary.



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Образы, Видения, Obrazy, 환상 속의 사랑, ロバート・アルトマンのイメージズ, Végzetes képzelgések, Hayal ve Görüntü, Spiegelbilder, Imágenes, Priviđenja, Schizo - Den kluvna verkligheten, A Sombra do Duplo Amante, Mareritt i dagslys, Sairaat mielikuvat, Образи, Vidiny