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buttguts 1,723 films

"just a big list of documentary/ish/informational video" migrating here from an old rym list ()

the idea is to not…

  • Free to Be… You and Me
  • Gnome Sweet Gnome
  • Sensual Massage: The Touch Of Love
  • Super Christian
  • Rendez-Vous Video Magazine

VHS Crap

The VHS format did not only allow people to watch films in the comfort of their homes, but also gave…

  • Jonestown: The Women Behind the Massacre
  • The Life and Trails of Wilhelm Reich
  • Love & Saucers
  • Mansfield 66/67
  • Schlitzie: One of Us

Amok Docs: Deviant Viewing List

Mike Sean

Mike Sean 233 films

Documentaries on a variety of bizarre, esoteric, and provocative topics. This list is inspired by the outré offerings of L.A.'s…