In the Wake of Zaca

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The Remarkable Adventures of a California Schooner

"In the Wake of Zaca won the Prix du Patrimoine Maritime at the prestigious Festival Du Film Maritime, D'Exploration Et D' Environment in Toulon, France". Few sailing vessels are surrounded by more myth and legend than the yacht Zaca. Launched on the eve of the great depression, the 118' gaff-rigged topsail schooner has sailed through 75 years of history from one remarkable adventure to the next. Zaca has served as a luxuary yacht, scientific research vessel, navy patrol boat and party boat for Hollywood swashbuckler Errol Flynn. This documentary offers a riveting window into the past as seen through the eyes of this historic ship and the survivors of those who sailed her. Produced and directed by Luther Greene.



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In the Wake of the Zaca: The Remarkable Adventures of a California Schooner


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01 Aug 2005
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01 Aug 2005
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