Into the Dark: Pooka! Into the Dark: Pooka!

This Christmas, Do you fear what I fear?

A struggling actor gets a holiday season job as a Christmas character in a plush suit to promote the hottest toy of the year, Pooka; he slowly develops two personalities -- one when he's in the suit and one that's outside it.

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Neverending Christmas movie list


JulieC 2,060 films

I love love Christmas and Christmas movies!!

Movies set at, around or a scene at Christmas. Also some New Years…

  • Sole Survivor
  • Olivia
  • The Oracle
  • The Damned House of Hajn
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xmas horror that aint slashers/anthologies/krampus

List title by pd187

Honorable Mention: Christmas Evil [semi-slasher] Deadly Games [semi-slasher] Blood Beat [semi-slasher]

  • Hereditary
  • Annihilation
  • A Quiet Place
  • Mandy
  • The Ritual

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