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  • George Clooney Batman


    Kinda convoluted sometimes, but for the most part a really emotionally investing, hilarious, and intense movie! Spike Lee kills it in this one! I also fucking hate that I’m Italian now I guess. Jesus Christ

  • Blaze the Action Junkie

    A Spike-Lee romantic drama focusing on inter-racial relationships. Samuel L Jackson is spot on as the junkie. Snipes isn't bad as the lead either. Yet even with the solid performances there's not much to the story, plus there's huge tempo and pacing changes that are fairly jarring. Spike Lee does a good job of displaying racism in relationships as he puts that subject right in your face with this flick. I just really didn't find it as entertaining cinema as I''m just not into Dramances.

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  • man123


    The fuck is a chocolate egg cream?

  • J. J. Wright


    For all that's so good about Lee's filmmaking—the politics, the style, the distinctive point-of-view, the monologues, his typically great ensembles, the lack of easy answers—he often struggles in creating actual relationships that feel real. In most cases it's less of a thing, since the relationship is not the central focus of the film. In this, Flip's relationship with both his wife and his white lover are one of the main focuses, and neither feels particularly real, compelling, even sexy. Maybe…

  • Brian Collis


    This movie has a pulse like most Spike Lee movies do. But the Stevie Wonder that vibes through the whole movie start to finish just makes it that much better. Samuel L. Jackson blew me away with his performance. And when Living for the City strikes up, you’ll witness cinema gold. 

    Honestly the worst part of this movie was the main storyline of Flip and Angie and their Jungle Fever romance. If you can call it that. What Spike Lee…

  • grownwomansober

    spike really coasts on the magical way in which the musical selection lay underneath the A grade comedic/tragic performances. the middle passage of this flows so well, almost becomes a hangout film before spike sticks to his points. you watch this and there’s no underrating spike as a writer.

  • MattPayton

    The scene where we just get to see the ladies talk to each other behind closed doors is where I'd like to go to when I die.

  • fullera22


    Jungle Fever Fantastic Film Love It

  • videodrome71

    Lee once again bites off more than he can chew in this overstuffed narrative, making all the strife from the interracial affair, even before they're found out, come off as pre-ordained rather than organic - but Jackson, in his real breakout, is so phenomenal in his scenes, which have little to do with the central couple, you keep hoping he returns every time he's off screen.

  • Dinelka Balasuriya


    Grand, vibrant, indulgent, at times stupid but also entertaining and mostly compelling, Jungle Fever works well enough for me but chief among its problems for me is how Spike Lee still feels like he’s trying to recreate Do the Right Thing in terms of scope. There is so much stuff happening in Jungle Fever that the film loses track of itself in my opinion but even then, the Ernest Dickerson cinematography and the excellent performances from this wonderful cast have…

  • Kendall Simon


    Still five stars even after that kinda ridiculous ending.

  • foose


    they’ll flip the script on your ass like wesley and spike