Kingdom of Heaven

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Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Safeguard the helpless, and do no wrong

After his wife dies, a blacksmith named Balian is thrust into royalty, political intrigue and bloody holy wars during the Crusades.




Alternative Titles

Cruzada, Kingdom Of Heaven Director's Cut, Kingdom of Heaven Part 1, Kingdom of Heaven Part 2, Taevane kuningriik, Kraljevstvo nebesko, Regatul Cerului, Nebesko kraljevstvo, Nebesko kraljestvo, 킹덤 오브 헤븐, Cruzada: El Reino de los Cielos, To vasileio ton ouranon, To basileio ton ouranon, Kingdom Of Heaven Director's Cut Roadshow, The Crusades, As Cruzadas, Kingdom of Heaven - Königreich der Himmel