Late Spring Late Spring

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Noriko is perfectly happy living at home with her widowed father, Shukichi, and has no plans to marry -- that is, until her aunt Masa convinces Shukichi that unless he marries off his 27-year-old daughter soon, she will likely remain alone for the rest of her life. When Noriko resists Masa's matchmaking, Shukichi is forced to deceive his daughter and sacrifice his own happiness to do what he believes is right.




Alternative Titles

Primavera tardía, Късна пролет, Pai E Filha, Später Frühling, Myöhäinen kevät, La fin du printemps, Printemps tardif, Kathysterimeni anoixi, Tarda primavera, Banshun, Pózna wiosna, Primavera Tardia, Поздняя весна, Sent om våren, Geç Gelen Bahar, Kasno proljece

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