Licence to Kill

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James Bond is out on his own and out for revenge.

After capturing the notorious drug lord Franz Sanchez, Bond's close friend and former CIA agent Felix Leiter is left for dead and his wife is murdered. Bond goes rogue and seeks vengeance on those responsible, as he infiltrates Sanchez's organization from the inside.






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Alternative Titles

James Bond 16 - Permis de tuer, Licencia para matar, 007: A magányos ügynök, James Bond 007 Permis de Tuer, 007 Vendetta privata, 007 17 - Permissão para Matar, James Bond 16 - License to Kill, James Bond 007 - 16 - License to Kill, James Bond - Licence to Kill, License to Kill, Лицензия на убийство, James Bond 16: License to Kill, 17 Licence to Kill, 007: Licence to Kill, Bond 16, 007 Упълномощен да убива, Licence na vraždu, Джеймс Бонд 16: Лицензия на убийство, Med rett til å drepe, 16탄 007 살인 면허 (1989), Agente 007 - Vendetta privata, 007 - 16 - Licencia para matar, 007 16 Licence To Kill, James Bond - Licence to kill, James Bond 16 - Licence to kill, 007 รหัสสังหาร, James Bond 007 Licence to Kill, 007: Licencia para matar, 007 - 17 - Licencia para matar, 007։ Licence to Kill, Ліцензія на вбивство, (1989) License To Kill, James Bond - 1989 - Permis de tuer, Lizenz zum Töten