Licence to Kill Licence to Kill

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His bad side is a dangerous place to be.

When drug lord Franz Sanchez exacts his brutal vengeance on Bond's friend Felix Leiter, 007 resigns from the British Secret Service and begins a fierce vendetta against the master criminal. Bond won't be satisfied until Sanchez is defeated, and to accomplish this aim he allies himself with a beautiful pilot and Sanchez's sexy girlfriend.




Alternative Titles

James Bond - Licence to kill, James Bond 16 - Licence to kill, 007 Упълномощен да убива, 007 17 - Permissão para Matar, Licence na vraždu, JB-16 - Lizenz zum Töten (1989), 007 - 16 - Licencia para matar, Licencia para matar, James Bond 007 Permis de Tuer, James Bond 16 - Permis de tuer, 17 Licence to Kill, James Bond 007 - 16 - License to Kill, 007: A magányos ügynök, 007 Vendetta privata, Agente 007 - Vendetta privata, 16탄 007 살인 면허 (1989), Med rett til å drepe, Джеймс Бонд 16: Лицензия на убийство, Лицензия на убийство, 007 16 Licence To Kill, 007: Licence to Kill, Bond 16, James Bond - Licence to Kill, James Bond 16 - License to Kill, James Bond 16: License to Kill, License to Kill

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