Like Father, Like Son Like Father, Like Son

Ryota Nonomiya is a successful businessman driven by money. He learns that his biological son was switched with another child after birth. He must make a life-changing decision and choose his true son or the boy he raised as his own.




Alternative Titles

De tal padre, tal hijo, Soshite chichi ni naru, Father and Son, Som far, så sønn, Pais e Filhos, Min søns familie, Isänsä poika, Tel père, tel fils, A fiam családja, Pateras kai gios, Sipour mishpakhti, Koks tevas, toks ir sunus, Jak ojciec i syn, Tal Pai, Tal Filho, Kakav otac, takav sin, Сын в отца, Sådan far, sådan son, Benim Babam, Benim Oglum, 그렇게 아버지가 된다, Wie der Vater, so der Sohn, Vater und Sohn

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