Making Fun: The Story of Funko

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Come for the toys, stay for the people!

From a small garage in Redmond, Washington, to the furthest corners of the earth, Funko's story is one that is centered around the fans and the global community that arose from their unique passion - a story that spans twenty years full of joy, ambition, adversity, and... well... toys.




Alternative Titles

Fabrica De Diversión La Historia De Funko, La folie des figurines Funko Pop, 制造快乐:Funko的故事

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22 Jan 2018
  • Flag for the USA USA Hollywood, TCL Chinese Theatre


24 May 2018
  • Flag for the USA USAPG

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22 Jan 2018
  • Premiere Hollywood, TCL Chinese Theatre
24 May 2018
  • DigitalPG