Mandrill Mandrill

Cooler than Shaft, Hotter than Bond, Faster than Lee

Mandrill (M. Zaror) is a high-level assassin whose parents many years ago were slaughtered in cold blood by a ruthless drug lord. Now he finds himself finally in a position to get his revenge. But since it falls in love precisely in the pretty daughter of the ruthless killer. Mandrill now faces the most serious decision of his life ...

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The World Is More Than Enough - Steve G's Post-2003 30 Countries In 30 Days Challenge!

Steve G

Steve G 30 films

Yeah, just trips off the tongue that title as usual.

I decided to restrict myself to the last 10 years…

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Films about Hitmen/Assassins


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I love Hitmen and Assassins. If they are the main focus of the film, it's almost always awesome. I don't…