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  • Stalker
  • Solaris
  • Mirror
  • Andrei Rublev
  • Ivan's Childhood
  • Waking Life
  • The Fountain
  • Synecdoche, New York
  • Anomalisa
  • Being John Malkovich


If you like pondering about life, existence, purpose, the universe, death, birth, true love and the human experience, these films…

  • As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty
  • The Double Life of Veronique
  • A Summer's Tale
  • The Graduate
  • This Is Not a Film

Leo's Top 200+ Favorites

A revamped list of my top favorite films of all time.

As for now it contains only the films I…

  • Whiplash
  • The Seventh Seal
  • Wild Strawberries
  • The Human Condition I: No Greater Love
  • The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Taxi Driver
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Before Sunset
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Suspiria
  • Alien
  • Oldboy

All Time 500

Luca Fallon

Luca Fallon 500 films

There are always more movies.

  • 8½
  • The Godfather: Part II
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Citizen Kane
  • Mirror
  • Werckmeister Harmonies
  • Pather Panchali
  • Songs from the Second Floor
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Paterson

Director Rankings - Master List

Finally, a place where all my directors lists can be found.

I might mention that one mustn't care too much…

  • The Godfather
  • O.J.: Made in America
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Harakiri
  • Seven Samurai

Top 250 Films as Rated by the Internet


oxygenmantra 250 films

This is a list of the top 250 based on combined scores of Rotten Tomatoes Audience scores, Metacritic scores, IMDB…

  • Early Summer
  • Angst
  • Two-Lane Blacktop
  • Midnight Cowboy
  • Saturday Night Fever

Who needs reasons when there is cinema?


Ludo 237 films

Films that work for me.

[in order of last watched/revisited first]

  • After Hours
  • Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  • Amateur
  • Andrei Rublev
  • Archipelago

Filmstruck watchlist

Tom Baker

Tom Baker 86 films

lol time to cancel every other streaming subscription I have

  • Ossos
  • In Vanda's Room
  • A Moment of Innocence
  • The Seventh Seal
  • Lorna's Silence