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  • thomas


    the perfect action movie

  • Brad Jost


    Worth waiting 4 years to watch. Lol. What have I been doing with my time?

  • Fulltimehorrorjunkie


    Benji and Ethan are super gay and I just want them to kiss

  • jchinnjr


    Too long and too much of it made the imf agents look dumb. Also, whole the stunts were impressive, I feel like previous stunts looked better on screen

  • JGaff


    Where Rogue Nation left me severely underwhelmed, laughing at several story and dialogue beats (Alec Baldwin’s unforgettable adoration of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt comes to mind), Fallout left me thoroughly entertained most of the time and out and out thrilled during several set pieces.

  • Ryan Sutton


    “We're in this mess because Ethan wouldn't let me die. He's a good man. And he cares about you. More than he can admit. That's one more worry than he can handle right now. If you care about him, you should walk away.”

    I simultaneously cry like a bitch and get chills every time I watch the halo jump scene… I also start sweating. Make no mistake though. The origin of these tears, these chills, this… sweat. It’s not from…

  • JohnnyDJackson


    Really fucking good action movie

  • Keith Roberts


    Pretty action packed all the way through. It’s pretty good. Not sure I know exactly what the plot is? Except Tom Cruise has to stop the bad guys. Either way, it’s fun.

  • brady_york


    Bro I just love movies so much.

  • shanestev


    Cruise leading the pack for the best action movie made in the last decade

  • shallowswimmer



    This is gonna be one of my fav movies ever like what an experience man, this is without a doubt one of the best action movies ever and it will age a classic.

    The third act and those wide shots like holy shit man holy shit, so much to love about this movie, I loved everyone's performance in this, everyone killed it.

    Just wow man, I regret not watching this in the theatres but I'm gonna correct this with the next ones and top gun maverick which im very excited to see.

    One of the best action movies ever.

  • asemfilmmer