Mother's Day

Where to watch

If you go down to the woods today.

Three girls discover that two men are willing to do anything to impress Mother and what impresses Mother is watching her sons commit acts of rape and murder. Now these women are prisoners and lowered to pawns in the game of checkers between two dim wits and their Maniac Mommy and the question becomes, can any of them escape, alive?





Alternative Titles

El dia de la madre, Os Herdeiros do Mal, Muttertag, День мамочки, O Dia da Mãe, Dzień matki, Los herederos del mal, Trágico fin de semana 2, マザーズデー, Hronia polla, etoimasou na pethaneis, Dia das Mães Macabro, Mama's lievelingen, Les chouchoux de maman