My Man Godfrey

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Butler! FOR THE COCK-EYEDEST FAMILY in the WHOLE WORLD!...and the butler-blonde battle was on!

Fifth Avenue socialite Irene Bullock needs a "forgotten man" to win a scavenger hunt, and no one is more forgotten than Godfrey Park, who resides in a dump by the East River. Irene hires Godfrey as a servant for her riotously unhinged family, to the chagrin of her spoiled sister, Cornelia, who tries her best to get Godfrey fired. As Irene falls for her new butler, Godfrey turns the tables and teaches the frivolous Bullocks a lesson or two.


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Irene, a teimosa, Godfrey, a lakáj, Její komorník, Godfrey ordner alt, Mein Mann Godfrey, Al servicio de las damas, Mon homme Godfrey, A pártfogolt, L'impareggiabile Godfrey, 마이 맨 갓프리, Mój pan mąż, Irene, a Teimosa, Мой слуга Годфри, Godfrey ordnar allt, Мій слуга Годфрі, 我的戈弗雷

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01 Sep 1936
  • Flag for the USA USANR Los Angeles, California

Theatrical limited

02 Sep 1936
  • Flag for the USA USA


06 Sep 1936
  • Flag for the USA USA
30 Nov 1936
  • Flag for Sweden Sweden15

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30 Nov 1936
  • Theatrical15
01 Sep 1936
  • PremiereNR Los Angeles, California
02 Sep 1936
  • Theatrical limited
06 Sep 1936
  • Theatrical

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