Nightmare City

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Now They Are Everywhere! There Is No Escape!

In a nameless European city, a local reporter and his doctor wife try to escape from hordes of blood thirsty zombies, undead people exposed to nuclear radioactivity, while the military leaders fight a losing war of attrition against the relentless atomic zombies.




Alternative Titles

Pesadilla en la ciudad contaminada, Grad košmara, La cité de la peur, City of the Walking Dead, Pesadilla en la ciudad, O Pesadelo dos Mortos-Vivos, L'invasion des zombies, ナイトメア・シティ, Rædslernes blodige by, Ζόμπι ξ: Εφιάλτης στην πόλη, Город зомби, Invasion of the Atomic Zombies, Großangriff der Zombies