No. 2: Message From the Sun

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Hand-painted 35 mm stock photographed in 16 mm, color, 2:15 or 10 min. Initially intended to be screened with and synchronized to Dizzy Gillespie's Algo Bueno. This film "takes place either inside the sun or in... Switzerland" according to Smith. To produce this film he used a technique that involved cutting stickers of the type used to reinforce the holes in 3-ring binder paper. These were applied to 16 mm movie film and used like a stencil. Layers of vaseline and paint were used to color each frame in this manner. The effect is hypnotic, psychedelic and is something like a visual music.




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Number 2: Message From The Sun


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24 Oct 1947
  • Flag for the USA USA San Francisco Museum of Art

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24 Oct 1947
  • Premiere San Francisco Museum of Art