On the Silver Globe

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A small group of cosmic explorers leave Earth to find freedom and start a new civilization.




Alternative Titles

На серебряной планете, Le globe d'argent, The Silver Globe, Sul globo d'argento, Globo de Prata, 银色星球, Der silberne Planet, Sobre el globo de plata, A fehér bolygó, Sur le Globe d'argent, 銀色星球, Na srebrnym globie, シルバー・グローブ / 銀の惑星, 은빛 지구

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12 May 1988
  • Flag for France France Cannes Film Festival
09 Oct 1988
  • Flag for Poland Poland Gdynia Polish Film Festival


10 Feb 1989
  • Flag for Poland Poland

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12 May 1988
  • Premiere Cannes Film Festival
09 Oct 1988
  • Premiere Gdynia Polish Film Festival
10 Feb 1989
  • Theatrical

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