Operation Ganymed Operation Ganymed

A spaceship returns to Earth after several years of space exploration and finds it desolate. Landing in what they believe is Mexico, the crew decides to travel north, and try to find out what happened to Earth during the years they were gone.

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EVERY film in 'Science Fiction: The Aurum Film Encyclopedia' (3rd edition; Phil Hardy, editor; Aurum Press, 1995)

I LOVE science fiction movies--as well as reading and learning about them--and I quite enjoyed recently perusing The Aurum Film…

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cerpts 3,306 films

A listing of the contents of my vault of horror.

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Germany 1960-1980


Bumstead 572 films

A (messy) list of West German films of the 1960s and 70s.

The two primary sources are:

- Robert Fischer…