Orca: The Killer Whale Orca: The Killer Whale

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Terror just beneath the surface.

After witnessing the killing of his mate and offspring at Captain Nolan's hands, a vengeful killer whale goes on a rampage in the fisherman's Newfoundland harbor. Under pressure from the villagers, Nolan, Rachel and Umilak sail after the great beast, who will meet them on its own turf.





Alternative Titles

Orca - A Baleia Assassina, Orca - dræberhvalen, Orca, la ballena asesina, Orca - syvyyksien kostaja, Orca, i dolofonos falaina, A gyilkos bálna, Orca - havets hevner, Orca - A Fúria dos Mares, Orca - djupets hämnare, Orca La Ballena Asesina, Orca Denizin Aslani, Orca- The Killer Whale

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