Our Godfather

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The man the Mafia could not kill

The story of how Sicilian Mafia boss Tommaso Buscetta (1928-2000), the Godfather of Two Worlds, revealed, starting in 1984, the deepest secrets of the organization, thus helping to convict the hundreds of mafiosi who were tried in the trial held in Palermo between 1986 and 1987.





Alternative Titles

Der echte Pate, Our godfather: historien om Tommaso Buscetta, Our godfather – historien om en mafiaboss, Наш крестный отец, Nasz ojciec chrzestny, 裏切りのゴッドファーザー, Our godfather: Tommaso Buscettan tarina, 我们的教父, Notre parrain, Τομάσο Μπουσκέτα: Ο Νονός μας, הסנדק שלנו, A Tommaso Buscetta történet, Our godfather: la vera storia di Tommaso Buscetta, 대부로 불린 남자, Tommaso Buscetta: O Nosso Mafioso, Nașul celor două lumi, Nuestro padrino, Our godfather: Maffiabossen som bytte sida, Huyền thoại bố già