Our Vines Have Tender Grapes Our Vines Have Tender Grapes

M-G-M's true-to-life drama

Life in small town Wisconsin. Selma and Arnold, aged 7 and 5, pal around together between their two farms. Selma has a newborn calf that her father gave to her which she named 'Elizabeth'. Nels is the editor of the Fuller Junction Spectator and the kids just call him 'editor'. Viola is the new school teacher from the big city. While Nels wants to marry Viola, Viola does not want to live in a small quiet, nothing happening town. The biggest news is that Faraassen has built a new barn.

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Americana / Small Towns / Rural Life

Películas del género "americana" (tan difícil de definir) o que transcurren en ambientes rurales y ciudades pequeñas americanas.

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