Over Silent Paths Over Silent Paths

A lone miner and his daughter make the journey to California by prairie schooner.

In the heart of the American desert we find an old miner with his only daughter, he toiling day after day at his rocker-cradle in quest of the precious ore, while his pretty daughter keeps his camp and makes it as comfortable as possible in this wilderness. Having secreted quite a store of nuggets, his daughter persuades him to return to civilization, where they may enjoy the fruits of their labor. Both are happy in the anticipation of what seems a bright future, and the girl starts to prepare their final meal at the camp. While she is away at the spring getting water, a desert wanderer appears at the spring getting water, a desert wanderer appears at the camp, and at the sight of the old man weighing his gold is seized with cupidity. He himself had toiled long in the wilds, but with no success, so he demands that the old man divide his gains with him. This, of course, the miner decries, and the wanderer uses force. In the struggle the old man is knocked down, and striking his head ...

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