Paris Is Burning

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Where does voguing come from, and what, exactly, is throwing shade? This landmark documentary provides a vibrant snapshot of the 1980s through the eyes of New York City's African American and Latinx Harlem drag-ball scene. Made over seven years, PARIS IS BURNING offers an intimate portrait of rival fashion "houses," from fierce contests for trophies to house mothers offering sustenance in a world rampant with homophobia, transphobia, racism, AIDS, and poverty. Featuring legendary voguers, drag queens, and trans women — including Willi Ninja, Pepper LaBeija, Dorian Corey, and Venus Xtravaganza — PARIS IS BURNING brings it, celebrating the joy of movement, the force of eloquence, and the draw of community.



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파리 이즈 버닝, 파리는 불타고 있다, פריז בוערת, Париж в огне, Париж горить, Paris is Burning, 巴黎在燃烧, პარიზი იწვის, パリ、夜は眠らない。

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13 Sep 1990
  • Flag for Canada Canada Toronto International Film Festival
01 Jan 1991
  • Flag for the USA USA Sundance Film Festival

Theatrical limited

18 Feb 1992
  • Flag for Australia AustraliaM


13 Mar 1991
  • Flag for the USA USAR
13 Dec 1991
  • Flag for the Netherlands Netherlands12


06 Apr 1990
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18 Feb 1992
  • Theatrical limitedM
13 Sep 1990
  • Premiere Toronto International Film Festival
13 Dec 1991
  • Theatrical12
06 Apr 1990
  • TV Broadcast on BBC 2 as part of Arena
01 Jan 1991
  • Premiere Sundance Film Festival
13 Mar 1991
  • TheatricalR

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